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Lexicalized Proof Nets in Pomset Logic and TAGs

Sylvain Pogodalla
First introduced by Retore (1993), pomset linear logic can deal with linguistic aspects by inducing a partial order on words. Lecomte & Retore (1995) use this property: they define modules (or partial proof-nets) which consist in entries for words, describing both the category of the word and its behavior when interacting with other words. Then the natural question of comparing the generative power of such grammars with Tree Adjoining Grammars (Josji, Levy, Takahashi 1975),as Joshi & Kulick (1996) pointed some links out, arises. To answer this question, we propose a logical formalization of TAGs in the framework of linear logic proof-nets. We aim to model trees and operations on these trees with a restricted part of proof-nets, and we show how this kind of proof-nets expresses equivalently TAG-trees.
Proc. LACL 98, Grenoble, France. LNCS/LNAI vol. 2014.


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