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Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Notes on the Deployment ProblemIn Workplace Studies

Bob Anderson
Workplace Studies are now a secure part of HCI and the design of interactive systems. The insights derived from these studies are widely and justly celebrated. Until recently, the primary concerns of the community of researchers engaged in this work were, first, how to define and implement the research agenda which had been defined, and, second, how to communicate the findings of this research to engineers and designers. This paper argues that it is now time to take a more radical step. It proposes the formation of a sub-genre of social science called "Practical Sociology" which is to be constructed as an engineering discipline. Using the Carnegie Mellon Model of Software Processes as a stalking horse, it outlines what objectives Practical Sociology could have and how it might achieve them.
To be published in: Workplace Studies: Recovering Work Practice and Informing System Design, Luff, Hindmarsh and Heath (eds.), Cambridge University Press. Recovering Work Practice and Informing System Design, Paul Luff, Jon Hindmarsh and Christian Heat


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