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Memories and Local Communities: An Experience in Venice

Alessandra Agostini, Valeria Giannella, Antonietta Grasso, Renata Tinini
The European project Campiello (ESPRIT LTR 25572), as part of its methodology, is conducting an experiment of social observation and intervention regarding the process of community making in Venice, with a special focus on the role of memory collection and ri-elaboration in such a process. In this paper the social observation is presented describing its context, a particular local community inhabiting a Venice neighborhood, and the activities carried on by a local school to collect and represent the community memories. This experience is then used for a reflection about how Information Technology could extend the process and enhance it. For this purpose the process around memories is described according to four sub-activities: collection, dissemination, representation and enrichment. For each of them the needs and requirements coming from the observation are presented and existing possible technologies to support them are briefly described.
Designing Collective Memories, 7th Le Travail Humain Workshop, September 14, 1998, Paris, France

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