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Studies of Mobile Document Work and Their Contributions to the Satchel Project

Marge Eldridge, Mik Lamming, Mike Flynn, Chris Jones, David Pendlebury
This paper provides a retrospective account of the field studies, questionnaire surveys and user trials we carried out during our Satchel research project. Satchel is a system that supports mobile document work by providing streamlined access to documents and document services. We describe each study and present illustrative results to show how each one contributed to the overall success of the research project. More specifically, we describe how each study affected the design of our Satchel prototypes and the design of the scenarios that were used as communication tools during the course of the project. We analyse the relative value of each of the studies and trials, concentrating on cost factors such as research effort, expenses, and amount of subject time required. Although we acknowledge that not all research projects will be able to include such a wide number or variety of user studies, we hope that our analysis will provide useful informaion for other research projects.
Marge Eldridge, Mik Lamming, Mike Flynn, Chris Jones & David Pendlebury. Studies of mobile document work and their contributions to the satchel project. Personal Technologies (2000) 4:102-112