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Optimizing Web Queries through Semantic Caching

Boris Chidlovskii, Claudia Roncancio, Marie-Luise Schneider
In Web-based searching systems that access distributed information providers, efficient query processing requires an advanced caching mechanism to reduce the query response time. The keyword-based querying is often the only way to retrieve data from Web providers, and therefore standard page-based and tuple-based caching mechanisms turn out to be inefficient for such a task. In this work, we develop a mechanism for efficient caching of Web queries and the answers received from heterogeneous Web providers. We also report results of experiments and show how the caching mechanism is implemented in the Knowledge Broker system.
Proc. 15èmes Journées Bases de Données Avancées, (BDA'99) , 25-27 Octobre 1999, Bordeaux, France

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