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A Bench for All Moods

Antonietta Grasso, Dave Snowdon, Alain Karsenty
At XRCE we explored a new type of interface, the CommunityWall, based on public large screen displays. A CommunityWall is an interactive device that monitors and collects information and comments from a group of people sharing a physical location, be it an office setting site or a neighbourhood in a town. The CommunityWall display device is a large screen with interaction features like pen based scribbling and touch-screen manipulation. Here we describe how to extend its functionality and embed it in public benches to support community awareness. The work originated by an internal reflection at XRCE about how to augment the work setting (comprising a beautiful park) with awareness support. While the CommunityWall application has been implemented and deployed for testing in a workgroup at XRCE, the bench is at the level of system design.
Proceedings of CHI 2000 - The Future is Here, April 1-6, 2000, The Hague, The Netherlands, Posters and Short Talks


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