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Heterogeneous component coordination: the CLF approach

Damian Arregui, Francois Pacull, Michel Riviere
This paper presents a concrete experiment in assembling components from different "protocol-aware" component frameworks such as Java/Jini (Sun), Corba 3.0 (Object Management Group), Enterprise JavaBeans (Sun) and our own framework called CLF (Coordination Language Facility). We describe how the CLF coordinator can be used to negotiate and perform distributed transactions across several components belonging to the previously cited frameworks, taking advantage of the native transactional capabilities they provide. Since the classical two-phase commit protocol ensures not only serializability but also linearizability, we are able to combine operations in a linearizable way on the whole set of components and thus enforce the serializability of the resulting transaction. We illustrate this approach through a showcase application implementing the coordination of heterogeneous components.
Proc. of EDOC00, Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 2000

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