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E-Alliance: a software infrastructure for concurrent inter-organizational alliances

Jean-Marc Andreoli, Olivier Boissier, Mihnea Bratu, Stefania Castellani, Karim Megzari, Ilham Alloui
In this paper we introduce ealliance, a software infrastructure we are defining for supporting negotiation activities in concurrent inter-organisational alliances. ealliance main intent is to preserve autonomy of organisations within an alliance while enabling concurrency of their activities, flexibility of their negotiations and dynamism/evolution of their environment. The IT infrastructure we propose combines different technologies, such as software engineering techniques, middleware-level coordination facilities and multi-agent systems support. We present our approach in the context offered by a sample scenario where business-to-business interactions hold among printshops grouped into an alliance to better answer customers' demands.
In Proc. of ISPE Concurrent Engineering (CE)'02, Cranfield University, UK, 27-31 July, 2002.


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