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Design and Deployment of Community Systems: Reflections on the Campiello Experience

Alessandra Agostini, G De Michelis, M Divitini, Antonietta Grasso, Dave Snowdon
The last decade has witnessed a growing interest in what technology can do to sustain communities. Within the Campiello project innovative information technologies have been adopted to support the dynamic exchange of experiencces among people living in art cities, in this way reducing the progressive diminishing of identity suffered by the local communities of these cities. The system developed has been used, for an experimental period, in a neighborhood of Venice, Italy. In the paper we reflect on the whole Campiello experience, considering all its development phases. These reflections are organized as a set of issues that require attention respectively in the design and deployment of community systems, illustrated with examples from Campiello. We believe that, due to the relative novelty of community systems, this type of reflections is important to inform the design of systems better fulfilling their objectives and to make them an integral part of community practices.
Elsevier, Interacting with Computers Journal, Volume 14, Issue 4, May 2002.