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Bilingual terminology extraction: an approach based on a multilingual thesaurus applicable to comparable corpora

Hervé Dejean, Eric Gaussier, Fatia Sadat
This paper presents several methods for exploiting multiple resources in bilingual lexicon extraction, either from parallel or comparable corpora. First, a special attention is given to the use of multilingual thesauri, and different search strategies based on such thesauri are investigated. Then, a method to optimally combine the different resources for bilingual lexicon extraction is presented. Our results show that the combination of the resources significantly improves results, and that the use of the hierarchical information contained in our thesaurus, UMLS/MeSH, is of primary importance. Lastly, methods for bilingual terminology extraction and thesaurus enrichment are discussed.
Proc. of COLING, Tapei, Taiwan, 24-30 August, 2002.


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