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E-Alliance : A negotiation infrastructure for virtual alliances

Jean-Marc Andreoli, Stefania Castellani, Olivier Boissier, Mihnea Bratu, Ilham Alloui, Karim Megzari
In this paper we provide an overview of E-Alliance, a software infrastructure we are defining for supporting negotiation activities in concurrent inter-organisational alliances. Our baseline is to offer a collaboration framework which fully preserves the autonomy of organisations grouped in an alliance, while enabling concurrency of their activities, flexibility of their negotiations and dynamic evolution of their environment. We propose a negotiation support to the managers of the organisations belonging to such alliances, which combines different technologies, such as software engineering techniques, middleware-level coordination facilities and multi-agent systems support. We present our approach in the context of a sample scenario of an alliance where partners are printshops capable of (out/in) sourcing print jobs among them for better accomplishing their customers'requests.
"Group Decision and Negotiation" Journal, March 2003, Volume 12, Issue 2.


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