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Paper-based Communicating objects in the future office

Damian Arregui, Christer Fernstrom, Francois Pacull, Gilbert Rondeau, Jutta Willamowski, Elisabeth Crochon, Fran├žois Favre-Reguillon
This paper describes an experimental setup to help people who make extensive use of paper documents to manage these documents in ways thqt have previously only been possible with electronic documents. In particular, the paper documents and dossiers are automatically linked to their electronic counter parts and user actions are tracked in such a way that a ubiquitous computing system can provide users with alerts, history and search functions. The system is being built in collaboration between the Xerox Resaerch Centre Europe (XRCE) and the CEA Leti.
SOC'03 Smart Object Conference, Grenoble, France, 15-16-17 May, 2003.


paper-based.pdf (128.82 kB)