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NLP Applications based on weighted multi tape automata

Andre Kempe
This article describes three practical applications of weighted multi tape automata (WMTAs) in Natural language processing, that demonstrate the augmented descriptive power of WMTAs compaired to weighted 1- and 2-tape automata. The three applications concern the preservation of intermediate results in transduction cascades, the work with mono and bi-lingual lexica, and the search of similar words in two languages. As a basis for these applications, the article proposes a number of operations on WMTAs. Among others, it (re)defines multi-tape intersections, where a number of tapes of one WMTA is intersected with the same number of tapes of another WMTA. In the proposed approach, multi-tape intersection does not appear as an atomic operation but rather as a sequence of more elementary ones.
TALN, Fes, Morocco, April 19-22, 2004