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Typesetting Deseret Alphabet with LATEX and METAPONT

Authors: Ken Beesley
The 25th Annual Meeting and Conference of TeX Users Group, Xanthi, Greece, Aug 30-Sept 3 2004.
The Deseret Alphabet was an orthographical reform for English, promoted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) between about 1854 and 1875. An offshoot of Pitman phonotypy, The Deseret Alphabet is remembered mainly for its use of non-Roman glyphs. Though ultimately rejected, the Deseret Alphabet was used in four printed books, several unprinted book manuscripts, newspaper articles, journals, meeting minutes, letters and even a gold coin, a tombstone and an early English to Hopi vocabulary. This paper reviews the history of the Deseret Alphabet, its Unicode implementation, fonts both metal and digital, and current projects involving the typesetting of Deseret Alphabet texts.
Year: 2004
Report number: 2004/007