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The practical indispensability of articulation work to immediate and remote help-giving

Andy Crabtree, Jacki O'Neill, Peter Tolmie, Tommaso Colombino, Stefania Castellani, Antonietta Grasso
This paper argues that the design of remote help-giving systems should be grounded in articulation work and the methodical ways in which help-givers and help-seekers coordinate their problem solving activities. We provide examples from ethnographic studies of both immediate and remote help-giving to explicate what we mean by articulation work and to tease out common and characteristic methods involved in help-seeking and the giving of expert advice. We then outline how emerging technologies might best be used to support articulation work in the design and development of systems for remote troubleshooting of devices with embedded computing capabilities.
CSCW Banff, Alberta, Canada, November 4-8, 2006.


Articulation-Work-CSCW-2006.pdf (120.62 kB)