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Practicalities of participation: stakeholder involvement in an electronic patient records (EPR) project

David Martin, John Mariani, Mark Rouncefield
This chapter considers some of the everyday practicalities of achieving participation and managing user-designer relations (UDRs) when delivering an electronic health record (EHR) project within an NHS Hospital trust. Using ethnographic, observational data we provide examples pertinent to understanding how UDRs play out in an NHS setting; documenting the problems encountered by both users and designers in this process how these are resolved or not, and looking at the process ofargument and negotiation. We also seek to emphasise that UDRs play out within a wider project and organisational setting that impinges on the possibilities for; (1) achieving the desired levels of user participation in design, and (2) achieving a design that sufficiently supports pre-existing endogenous user practices.
To appear in a Book Configuring laser-designer relations: interdisciplinary perspectives (Springer)


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