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Les Entitées Nommées, de la linguistique au TAL : Statut thérique et méthodes de désambiguïsation

Maud Ehrmann
Introduced as part of the last Message Understanding Conferences dedicated to information extraction, Named Entity extraction is a well-studied task in Natural Language Processing. The recognition and the categorization of person names, location names, organization names, etc. is regarded as a fundamental process for a wide variety of natural language processing applications dealing with content analysis and many research works are devoted to it, achieving very good results. Following this success, named entity treatment is moving towards new research propects with, among others, disambiguation and fined-grained annotation. However, this new challenges make even more crucial the question of named entity definition, which was not much discussed until now.

Two main lines were explored during this PhD project: first we tried to propose a definition of named entities and then we experimented disambiguation methods. After a presentation and a state of the art of the named entity recognition task, we had to examine, from a methodological point of view, how to tackle the question of the definition of named entities. Our approach led us to study, firstly, the linguistic side, with proper names and definite descriptions and, secondly, the computing side, this development aiming at, finally, proposing a named entity definition that takes into account language aspects but also informatic systems capacities and requirements. The continuation of the dissertation is about more experimental works, with a presentation of experiments about fined-grained named entity annotation and metonymy resolution methods.


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