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Development of an Automated Detection Tool for Healthcare-Associated Infections based on Screening Natural Language Medical reports

Marie Hélène Metzger, Quentin Gicquel, Denys Proux, Suzanne Pereira, Ivan Kergourlay, Elisabeth Serrot, Frederique Segond, Stefan Darmoni
Surveillance of healthcare-associated infections (HAl) is essential to prevention. Mostly based on standardized methods including manual review of electronic health records (EHR), new alternatives to screen medical records could save considerable working time of infection control practitioners (ICP). A new collaborative project, namely ALADIN, was launched in January 2009 and aims to develop an automated detection tool based on natural language processing of medical documents.
AMIA 2009 (Annual Symposium of the American Medical Informatics Association), San Francisco, USA, Nov 14-18, 2009