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Towards a Methodology for Named Entities Annotation

Karen Fort, Maud Ehrmann, Adeline Nazarenko
Today, the named entity recognition task is considered as fundamental, but it involves some specific difficulties in terms of annotation. Those issues led us to ask the fundamental question of what the annotators should annotate and, even more important, for which purpose. We thus identify the applications using named entity recognition and, according to the real needs of those applications, we propose to semantically define the elements to annotate. Finally, we put forward a number of methodological recommendations to ensure a coherent and reliable annotation scheme.
LAW III (The Third Linguistic Annotation Workshop) Sponsored by the Association for Computational Linguistics Special Interest Group for Annotation (ACL-SIGANN).
Held in conjunction with ACL-IJCNLP 2009, Suntec, Singapore, 6-7 August 2009
Full paper available here