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Multimedia Feature Extraction in the SAPIR Project

Aaron Kaplan, Jonathan Mamou, Francesco Gallo, Benjamin Sznajder
SAPIR is a peer-to-peer multimedia information retrieval system that can index structured and unstructured text, still and moving images, speech, and music. The system?s feature extraction component, which is responsible for analyzing documents to prepare them for indexing, is implemented using UIMA. Compound documents are handled using an architecture of (potentially nested) splitters and mergers within the UIMA processing chain. For example, the moving image from a video is processed by splitting it into multiple still frames, which are processed by the same analysis engine used for still photos, and then merging the results to form a representation of a video. The output of the feature extraction module is a document description in a representation based on the MPEG-7 standard.
UIMA Workshop @ GSCL 2009 (German Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology) Potsdam, Germany, Sep. 30, 2009


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