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Detecting Opinions Using Deep Syntactic Analysis

Caroline Brun
In this paper, we present an opinion detection system built on top of a robust syntactic pars-er. The goal of this system is to extract opi-nions associated with products but also with characteristics of these products, i.e. to per-form feature-based opinion extraction. To car-ry out this task, and following a target corpus study, the robust syntactic parser is enriched by associating polarities to pertinent lexical elements and by developing generic rules to extract relations of opinions together with their polarity, i.e. positive or negative. These rela-tions are used to feed an opinion representa-tion model. A first evaluation shows very en-couraging results, but numerous perspectives and developments remain to be investigated.
RANLP, Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing, Hissar, Bulgaria, September 12-14, 2011.