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ALADIN : développement d'un outil sémantique d'analyse des documents textuels médicaux pour la détection d'infections associées aux soins

Denys Proux, Caroline Hagege, Quentin Gicquel, Ivan Kergourlay, Suzanne Pereira, Gilbert Rondeau, Stefan Darmoni, Frederique Segond, Marie Hélène Metzger
This paper summaries effort engaged in a research project aiming at developing a series of technologies to allow the monitoring of patient discharge summaries to detect possible hospital acquired infections issues. These technologies cover anonymization (document redaction), indexing of Medical Named Entities, temporal analysis and the formalisation of rules to detect and link pieces of evidence related to hospital acquired infections.
Colloque bilan TecSan, Paris, France, May 23-24, 2012.