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A Mailbox Search Engine using Query Multi-modal Expansion and Community-based Smoothing

Amin Mantrach, Jean-Michel Renders
This demo introduces a new tool (or plug-in) for any email client that automatically decomposes the (personal or shared) mailbox into new virtual folders, corresponding to topics and communities in an unsupervised way, to lighten end-user load. The proposed software im- plements a retrieval system where the user can search for emails but also for people by submitting a double-faceted query: key words" and key persons". The software is able to retrieve three kind of documents that a matching search-based system would not retrieve. Firstly, by us- ing person pro les, the software will rank documents related to the key persons without requiring them to be participant (i.e. being author or recipient). Secondly, the system will retrieve documents sharing the same topics as the key words but not necessarily containing them. Thirdly, the proposed solution will also retrieve other participants who are members of the communities associated to the key persons.
34th European Conference on Information Retrieval, Barcelona, Spain, 1-5 April 2012.