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Identifying Claimed Knowledge Updates in biomedical research articles

Agnes Sandor, Anita de Waard
Key knowledge components of biological research papers are conveyed by structurally and rhetorically salient sentences that summarize the main findings of a particular experiment. In this article we define such sentences as Claimed Knowledge Updates (CKUs), and propose using them in text mining tasks. We provide evidence that CKUs convey the most important new factual information, and thus demonstrate that rhetorical salience is a systematic discourse structure indicator in biology articles along with structural salience. We assume that CKUs can be detected automatically with state-of-the- art text analysis tools, and suggest some applications for presenting CKUs in knowledge bases and scientific browsing interfaces.
The 50th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Jeju, Republic of Korea, 8-14 July, 2012. The article is available on this internet website : ACL Website