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Personalized machine translation: Predicting translational preferences

Shachar Mirkin, Jean-Luc Meunier
Machine Translation (MT) has advanced in re- cent years to produce better translations for clients’ specific domains, and sophisticated tools allow professional translators to obtain translations according to their prior edits. We suggest that MT should be further personal- ized to the end-user level – the receiver or the author of the text – as done in other applica- tions. As a step in that direction, we propose a method based on a recommender systems ap- proach where the user’s preferred translation is predicted based on preferences of similar users. In our experiments, this method outper- forms a set of non-personalized methods, sug- gesting that user preference information can be employed to provide better-suited translations for each user.
EMNLP, Lisboa, Portugal, September 17-21, 2015


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