Showroom News

The XRCE Technology Showroom is looking for an Intern

We are actively looking for an intern! Learn more about it by following the link above.

A unique experience

The Technology Showroom

The XRCE Technology Showroom, in Grenoble, France, allows Xerox research laboratories from around the world to demonstrate their innovative ideas in an informal, "hands-on" environment. Showing technologies in context helps to relate a technology theme to a real world problem through examples inspired from the different industry sectors and markets of our visitors.

The Showroom has a dual mission:

  • to present the results of Xerox research activities to customers and staff in a professional and interactive way.
  • to evaluate the interest to new ideas and to gather insight for further research and development.

These two aspects define what we call "Customer Led Innovation".

Together with our customers, we design the innovation path for tomorrow’s world.

Dreaming Sessions

The part of our activity that makes the experience at XRCE unique and powerful are the “Dreaming Sessions”, where we invite customers to share their top challenges with Xerox researcher.

The XRCE Technology showroom team organizes different kinds of interaction with customers (“Dreaming Sessions” being usually held within the first two kinds):

  • Innovation Workshop
  • Industry focused Workshop
  • Sales oriented customer visit
  • External event
  • Tradeshow