Innovative technologies

From the panel of Xerox Innovation Group technologies, the XRCE Technology Showroom is able to demonstrate most of them through presentations, demonstrations or even interactive experiences.


Implementing agile business processes

To enable true business process agility, our research aims to automate business processes via flexible platforms that run on robust and scalable infrastructures. Automation of business processes benefits from our research on image, video and natural language processing coupled with machine learning.

Technology examples


Harvesting knowledge from information

A key research area for us is making sense of unstructured information using natural language processing and semantic analysis. A second major research area develops proprietary methods for predictive analytics applied to business processes.

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Delivering the value of personalization

Whether one is talking about business correspondence, personal communication or manufactured items, personalization increases the value to the recipient. Our research leads to technologies that improve the efficiency, economics and relevancy of business communications and printing applications.

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Enabling the sustainable enterprise

Increasing global demand for energy and the environmental consequences of products used by enterprises and consumers requires broad based action from many sectors. Our research in Xerox aims to develop technologies that can minimize the environmental impact of document systems and business processes.

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